Getting started with Acquigo is Simple

  • Onboard Acquigo.
  • Configure Copy and Design elements.
  • Mix and match copy and design elements.
  • Simply churn out omnichannel creatives for your campaigns.
  • Repeat Step 3 and 4 every single day.


  • Complete your profile.   
    Configure your products.  
    Target marketing objectives and channels.

  • Upload your logo.  
    Configure your brand style guide—colors, fonts, and styles.

  • Setup your organization structure.   
    Add users, map roles, and configure privileges.

  • Choose and subscribe to the plan that is most appropriate for you and your team.

Campaign Creation

02Copy Configuration

  • Upload existing marketing assets.
  • Tag the tiniest of copy snippets in the document to products and objectives.
  • Start using-reusing them while generating creatives.

03Design Configuration

  • Customize built-in design components to suit your branding.
  • Reuse or create new templates for all channels – Email, SMS, Website, Mobile Push Notification, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Build a library of design elements to be used for producing communication for any channel.
Communication Development
Automatic Execution

04Ongoing Creative Generation

  • Select objectives and channels for which creative needs to be developed.
  • Choose, create, or adapt the copy deck.
  • Choose, create, or adapt the desired designs.
  • Assemble the creative.
  • Send it for approval.
  • Review and approve.
  • That’s it. Download or export the creative as needed.

*Soon, you will be able to directly publish the generated creative on the chosen channel. Stay tuned.